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Big Bag Unloading Station: Lower Cost - Safer - Less Labor

bulk bag unloading reduces costs and increases output compared to 50lb bags

A Faster, Simpler, Safer Big Bag Unloading Station

Your expectations for your big bag unloading station are reasonable - a system that's safe, runs as fast as you can and helps you to reduce costs. But the devil is always lurking in the details. Too often what seems like a simple bulk bag unloading station project can turn out to be tricky. Our modular systems are designed to help you hit key project metrics.

  • Reduce material costs
  • Keep operators safe
  • Avoid product waste
  • Prevent contamination
  • Cut raw material costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary clean-up
  • Increase efficiency
  • Simplify & standardize operations

We love to talk about our big bag unloading stations and the multitude of features that we know contribute to these goals. But the only really important consideration is the one that's important to you. That's why we offer our Guide to Buying the Best Bulk Bag Unloader. 

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What Others Say About AZO Bulk Bag Unloading Systems


"AZO's bulk bag unloading equipment has improved our efficiency. Their system for clamping and sealing the spout helps our employees quickly change bags without losing product."

- Juan, Process Engineer, Multinational Pharma

"Everyone says their machines are safe, durable and easy to use. Too often we discover otherwise after the fact. AZO actually delivers. I've worked with them on at least four projects. They're on time, on budget and fabulous equipment."

- Katherine, Plant Engineer, Snack Foods

Made by AZO - Smart accessory modules with almost unlimited options

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I require a new solution...

If you're ready to make the transition from the manual unloading of 50lb bags to automatic discharge of cost-efficient FIBC bags, we will help make it simple while still ensuring you get the right solution for your application.


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bulk bag unloading systems to increase output and improve efficiency

My system doesn't meet my needs...

Adding a new line? New ingredients with different bulk density? Or just need to run faster? Perhaps some of your current bulk bag unloading stations are tired and wobbly. Let's get your lines running at peak efficiency.


Custom Build

Guide to Buying Big Bag Unloading Stations

What's more important for your big bag unloading station...how many pounds of steel are in your system or how quickly and safely operators can change bags to keep your lines running? Our Guide to Selecting the Best Bulk Bag Unloader for Your Business provides a roadmap and planning framework to help you quickly select the best system for your application. And it's free to download!

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